SET 3798: Hannah Hippotamus Picnic

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Set inventory

Total Pieces: 25
1 Figure: Hippo, grey head, yellow body with necklace print, red arms/legs
138658x16 baseplategreen
22145 2x6x5 fence white
23185 1x4x2 fence white
22041 Bank red
14095a Umbrella stick yellow
1x845 Umbrella yellow
2 3899 Coffeemug blue
1x233 Jar red
1 3062b 1x1 brick round white
1 3032 4x6 plate white
2 3795 2x6 plate yellow
2 3001 2x4 brick red
1 4728 Flower (new) blue
2 4728 Flower (new) white
3 4727 Flowerstem (new) green

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