SET 3660: Fisherman's Cottage

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Set inventory

Total Pieces: 27
1 Figure: Elephant, yellow cap/body/arms, grey head, black legs
1 16x16 baseplate green
2 Cupboard with yellow windows red
1 Cupboard with yellow door red
4 Roof parts with green roof red
1 Chair brown
1 Table brown
1 Fishing rod dark brown
1 Coffeemug blue
1 Rowing boat red
2 Peddles beige
1 6x10 plate red
1 4x10 plate yellow
4 1x2 bricks yellow
1 1x4x1 fence red
1 Flowerstem (old) green
3 Flower (old) white

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Personal comments

A combination of water (the boat) and land (the house) make this set special. I'm not really impressed by this
set as the boat is standard and also the house has a standard shape (door, two cupboards on the side, four
roofblocks. As I said the speciality of this set is in the combination of both. When you have spare parts
it shouldn't be difficult to make something similar.

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