SET 3647 Classroom

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Set inventory

Total Pieces: 44
1 Figure: Lion, orange head, black body/arms, yellow legs
1 Figure: Bunny, beige head, white body, yellow arms/legs
1 Figure: Crocodile, green head/legs, black body/arms
1 16x16 Baseplate green
1 Cupboard with blue window yellow
2 Roofparts with red roof yellow
2 Chair red
1 Coffeemug yellow
2 2x4 plate blue
1 2x6 plate blue
2 2x2 tile with books print white
1 2x2 tile with apple print white
1 Stick black
1 Flowerstem (new) green
1 Flower (new) red
7 2x2 brick yellow
10 2x4 brick yellow
4 1x2 brick yellow
4 1x4 brick yellow
1 print "clock"
1 print "tree"
1 print "blackboard"

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Personal comments

One of the two school sets that appear in the Fabuland theme. Not only are both sets almost directly after
each other sold (set 3645 from 1987-1988, 3647 in 1989), also the characters are the same. The teacher is a lion,
the pupils are a bunny and a crocodile. I have to admit that I first thought that both were actually the same set,
but there are some differences between them. Most noticable is that set 3645 is made deep (pupils sitting after each
other) and 3647 made broad (pupils sitting nezt to each other). Although set 3647 has a nostalgic value for me as I
that one as a kid, I like set 3647 better.

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