SET 3639/3643 Police Car

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Set inventory

Set: 3639 (3643) - Police Car FP
Total Pieces: 11
1 Figure: Bulldog, black cap, white head, blue body/arms, black legs
1 Figure: Crocodile, green head/legs, black body/arms
1 Walkie-talkie black
1 Car chassis (large) black
1 Front window round (large) blue
1 4x4 seat box blue
2 2x6x5 pieces with yellow prison doors blue
1 6x6x1 box blue
1 stick black
1 1x4x2 bellshaped piece with headlights yellow

The inventory can also be found at Peeron and Bricklink

Personal comments

One of the criminals is caught! It seems that it was necessary to put some bad characters in the Fabuland society.
According to the pictures at the police station (set 3664) one of the raccoons and this crocodile is wanted by the police
The difference between this croco and the other croco's (at school or skateboard) is the lack of a tie and
different eyes. The stick on the roof of the car is IMO a nice detail, use to communicate between the police car and the police station.

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