SET 3633: Motorboat

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Set inventory

Total Pieces: ??
1 Figure: Walrus, blue cap/body/arms, brown head, red legs
1 Boat
1 Steering helm
1 Stick
1 Flag
1 Front window square (large)
1 Mailbox lid
1 2x4 plate
1 4x6 plate
3 2x4 brick

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Personal comments

The yellow boat is the same size is the same as the red Fabuland rowboats, so either that are large
rowing boats or this is a small motorboat. For this set it doesn't matter, the dimensions look to be OK.
Very nice is the use of the mailbox lid to represent where the motor of this boat is. The part where the
captain is standing could have been somewhat better by putting some bricks on the side so he is protected
not only by the front window, but also from the side.

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