SET 3631: Orchestra

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Set inventory

Total Pieces: 32
1 Figure: Monkey, orange head, red body/arms, white legs
1 Figure: Pig, natural head, red body/arms, white legs
1 Tuba yellow
1 Drum white
2 Drum sticks yellow
1 8x16 baseplate green
2 Stick black
1 Flag yellow
1 Flag red
4 1x2 brick yellow
6 1x2 brick blue
2 1x3 brick yellow
1 1x8 brick blue
1 4x8 plate blue
2 2x4 plate yellow
2 1x4x1 fence piece yellow
2 1x1x1 round red
1 2x2 tile with music print white

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Personal comments

I like this set. A small orchestra on a small display. I always wanted to make a real theater from it
by making the corners higher, put a small roof on it and put some curtains in front of it. It would also
be nice to make the plateau a bit larger so that the other musicians could stand on it.
The pieces are probably not very rare, as the special instruments were also available in the musicians sets,
which were small sets and therefore not rare. The tuba is also available in the new Mickey Mouse set (Minnie's Birthday Party)

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