SET 3625 / 3630: Airplane

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Set inventory

Total Pieces: 9
1 Figure: Crow, red cap, white/yellow head, red body, white arms, yellow legs
1 Airplane body red
1 Wings red
1 Motorblock red
1 Front window round (large) red
1 Airplane tail red
1 4x4 seat box red
1 Exhaust left yellow
1 Exhaust right yellow

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Personal comments

Although the model doesn't contain many pieces (only 9), most of them are (almost) unique The only other Fabuland airplane is in set 3671, the airport, but that plane is in blue, while this one is red. A disdvantage of so many special pieces is that it is hard to make anything other than an airplane out of it. It would be nice to have a couple of them, so that you can expand the airport, as two airplanes in total is a bit on the low side.

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