SET 137/347: Hospital

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Set inventory

Total Pieces: 107
1 Figure: Lamb, white head/arms/legs, yellow body (Lucy Lamb)
1 Figure: Cat, orange head, red body, yellow arms/legs (Charlie Cat)
1 Figure: Dog, grey head, white body/arms, black legs (Doctor Dog)
1 Tree green
1 Stairs yellow
1 Car chassis (14 studs) blue
1 Car door left white
1 Car door right white
1 Front window round yellow
2 2x6x5 brick with door and print red cross white
1 House with white door/windows red
1 Garage with white doors/windows red
4 Cupboard with white windows red
1 Parasol stick red
1 Parasol red
10 1x2 brick white
3 1x2 brick blue
4 1x2 brick yellow
4 1x4 brick white
5 2x2 brick white
5 2x2 brick blue
21 2x2 brick yellow
5 2x2 brick red
2 2x3 brick blue
10 2x3 brick yellow
2 2x3 brick red
9 2x4 brick yellow
2 2x4 brick red
1 4x4 plate blue
3 4x8 plate yellow
1 4x8 plate white
1 6x16 plate red
1 print "hospital"
1 print "headlights"

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Personal comments

One of the larger sets of Fabuland. It is strange that there is only one hospital set as there are 4 police sets, 3 fire engine sets and two police/fire sets. Special pieces are the window parts and ther large yellow stair.

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